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Posted by Pendaz on December 22, 2008

So heres my first full blown attempt at a TF2 map, still a WIP when I find time to work on it .

Stages: 3
Captures per stage: 2
Style: Mining/canyon

As of now im about half way through the first stage, the first capture point is in place & the general layout of the stage is done.


Blue Spawn at top left corner, capture point in the middle (where i am aiming), entrance to 2nd CP on the left hand side)

This is facing out of one of the exits for blue, heading towards the first cp point.

Entrance to the ‘sewer system’

First CP area (cp is on the left)

another view of the first cp:

one of the entrances towards the 2nd cp point.

Inside the building:

Stairs leading to the upstairs section of the building


View out of the windows:

Thats what i have so far, im open to comments/suggestions/ideas ect.



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