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My name is Pendaz, i’m 24 years old born near liverpool but currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I’ve been gaming for as long as i can remember, my earliest memories of gaming are playing asteroids on my vectrex arcade machine (i still have it somewhere), The Bitmap Brothers, Bart Vs the space mutants and the origional Duke Nukem platform games. Later on i turned to 3D shooters such as the Doom/Wolfenstein series, Duke Nukem 3D and Quake 1.

I started mapping for Duke Nukem 3D pretty much as it was released, and im yet to find a mapping program better than duke3dbuild :D. Later i moved onto mapping for Quake 1, then Quake 3 (skipped quake 2 as i thought the game itsself was pants.

Then the HL2 engine was born. I never actually mapped for hl2, I played thru all the games in the series (Half Life, Blue Shift,Team Fortress etc)but mapping for them never really did anything for me until Counter-Strike came along. I played from the early betas all the way though to 1.6, then onto CS:Source. mapping for them both along the way – using a mapping tool called Quark (Quake army knife) because i thought (and still think) the early versions of hammer (worldcraft) were horrible to use.

Then came the release of the Orange Box Engine and subsequently Team Fortress 2. Due to the lack of support for the source engine and especially the Orange Box Games on Quark, I decided to try out Valve’s Hammer editor and after about a month i had uninstalled Quark and was using Hammer on a daily bassis.


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